About Kabbalistic Numerology

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What is Kabbalah?

Well, the term depends on interpretation and with every book we read, a new denomination we find. Henri Sérouya in his book “The Kabbalah” tells us that it is “tradition”. In the book “The Practical Kabbalah”, by Charles Fielding, we read that it is “what has been received”. In the “Almanac of the Kabala”, by Sigalith H. Koren we read that Kabbalah is “to receive, to receive the light”. In Francisco Valdomiro Lorenz’s book, “Kabbalah, the Esoteric Tradition of the West”, we read that the meaning is “to transmit”, and that it comes from the Hebrew verb Kabôl, which is also written: Qabbalah. Alan Richardson, in his “Mystic Kabbalah”, informs us that the word Kabbalah derives from the Hebrew “QBL”, which simply translates to “mouth to ear”, that is, oral tradition. In some texts, we read that Kabbalah means “receiving”.

About Kabbalistic Numerology

Cabalistic, or Kabbalistic Numerology is, without a doubt, the hermetic science (of Hermes Trismegistus) with the greatest precision among all existing ones. Furthermore, it does not need its practitioners to be psychics, mediums, or have any gifts other than simple knowledge of the four arithmetic operations, elementary school knowledge and capacity for discernment.

What is the primary objective of Kabbalistic Numerology? Interpret, analyse and guide people so that they can enjoy all the blessings that God has placed upon this planet and thus, they can get the most out of their lives. More profoundly, it is the science that sheds light on metaphysical and religious studies, contributing greatly to the understanding of the Universe and its complexities.

Furthermore, Kabbalistic Numerology is the science that will lead the human beings in the art of living well and which will certainly be interlinked to all others Occult Sciences, helping and guiding mankind to discover the path of success and prosperity.

Kabbalistic Numerology therefore aims to make the lives of its practitioners more harmonious, less painful, showing them that there are paths that can be followed without the usual sufferings, with much greater and better quality of life.

Throughout the pages of this website the reader will undoubtedly learn to discern that between misery and wealth, pain and satisfaction, loneliness and love, there is only a thin line, imperceptible to eyes of the less informed, and that everything is just a combination of numbers (name + date of birth + signature).

The following pages will contain the ineffable truth of the most exact Science that is known on our planet, as it is nothing more, nothing less than applied and simplified quantum physics. Furthermore, it will demonstrate that any person, of any social level or culture can, if he so desires and his intellect allows, to achieve the objective of his desires, even if initially it seems to him a Herculean task.

Pythagorean numerology

The so-called “Pythagorean numerology” will not be discussed or compared, since this “pseudo science” has no scientific foundation or evidence of its effectiveness. (I’ll write more about it later) I suggest that the followers of this scientific degeneration, after studying Kabbalistic Numerology, compare the results and draw their own conclusions.

Welcome, therefore, to the last frontier of our planet.